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Best tailors in Hoi An.

Here at The Tailory shop, I have over 12 years experience in the tailoring industry.
I have big selections of fabric in Hoi An. So I can make everything for men and women.
I am sure you will find the fabric to make the clothes you want.
The most very importion, everything when you order in my shop, I keep all the detail and measurement for 3 years so you can order more clothes by online.
All my customer have been so happy with my tailored clothing.
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Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in central Vietnam that offers a curious combination of colonial France coupled with Oriental charm. However, Hoi An’s UNESCO status is not the only reason this beautiful location is pinned to the travel map. Once a major port on the silk route the town’s perfectly preserved 15th century trading past continues to thrive today as the tailors in Hoi An utilise their magic to produce excellent quality clothes at bargain prices for the seemingly endless passing trade.
The skillful tailors of Hoi An are well-known throughout the world. Many of them can trace the trade through several generations of their family, and it’s not only women who are pulling a needle and thread. With deft fingers and a keen eye, they’re known by many as master craftsmen, able to copy any design they see. If you show them a picture of a coat, suit or dress, you can expect a nearly exact replica to be produced within 24-48 hours. The best tailor shops in Hoi An are well-known, and they are the reason that Vietnamese from all parts of the country will encourage you to visit this central city.

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